Sean Harger



I grew up in sunny southern California in a seaside town called Manhattan Beach. I spent much of my early life becoming a Lego master builder, going to the beach in the summers, and making amateur films with my friends. I went to Loyola High School in downtown Los Angeles. I discovered in high school that I had a passion for the arts, which manifested through my involvement in the Hannon Theatre Company. During this time, I also realized my talent for software after taking AP Computer Science. Fusion of art and technology is a large motivator for me, and a driving force that influences my life direction.

My college experience was ultimately defined by travel. I began at Northeastern University and soon transferred to Rice University. I lived in Boston, Houston, Austin, and Pittsburgh before setting currently in San Francisco. I am currently a software engineer at Google, working in the San Francisco office. I consider myself a software generalist, always excited to learn new skills and technologies. If I had to call out specializations, I have experience with full-stack web development, as well as networks and distributed systems. In my free time, I like spending time outdoors whether it is hiking, biking, or skiing. I am pursuing obtaining my private pilot license.